Works by Morgan Ogburn
About Me

Experienced game art director, art manager, concept artist and senior game artist. Current focus on UX/UI visual design for VR experiences, with emphasis on wireframes, prototyping and visual concepts. Experience working on diverse range of console, PC, hand-held and mobile game products, as well as visual effects for TV and film. I've worked as a 3d artist, lighter and VFX  art director at Studio Nouveau on the Resident Evil 5 game cinematics as well as other special game and film projects. My other recent credits include Disney's TRON: Evolution.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Outsourcing Art Direction

At UTV Ignition I worked under creative director Paul Steed as his art director on a post-apocalyptic FPS using the Unreal 3 engine. Paul was an early pioneer in art oursoucing and I learned his field-perfected techniques for ensuring remote art teams both meet artistic and technical requirements.

The communication process begins with detailed briefs of art assets using concept art, photo references, with written instructions including technical contraints. An effective outsource brief will not completely eliminate all issues but I have seen careless briefs create a snowball effect that derails a production, costing valuable time and money.

Here's a few briefs and feedback AD docs I've created for teams in China, India, the US and Mexico:

- Roof area of a post-apocalypse hotel
- Ruined Skyscraper
- Modeling Stage review of a trailer
- Texturing Stage review of a sunken boat
- Quick & wordless paintover feedback